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IF you can keep your head in the craziness of life…

If you can keep your head whilst all around you are losing theirs…

Rudyard Kipling wrote the poem “IF…” in 1895. It was inspired by a military mentor, and dedicated to Kipling’s son. The stoic advice for bold conduct and keeping a “stiff upper lip” in British society aside, the poem has been adopted by warriors, sporting teams, academics and also been heralded as “the essence of the Gita” by an Indian writer.

How does this apply to modern markets?

We could be cheeky and say, “If you can keep your money whilst all around you are losing theirs… you are doing exceptionally well in crypto” and it would not be far from the truth.

In 2017, up to 50% of new ICO’s were declared to be “scams” by many media reports. This startling figure has been since upgraded by new reports out of the USA.

The New York-based Satis Group, an ICO advisory company and investment bank, conducted a study based on publicly available sources. They claim that “up to 80% of new ICO’s are scams”, with figures even going as high as 92%.*

The Satis study results reveal that of the whole crypto market, a whopping 81% of the ICOs turned out to be scams. Another 6% fell into the “Failed” category, and 5% had “Gone Dead”, taking the total for “Failure to List” group to 92 percent. *

Obviously, there were many scammers in the crypto space, who took advantage of ICO-hype to “create their own bank” out of thin air and promises, and then rob investors blind. Many of these scammers were relatively easy to spot; if you knew what you were looking for.

Using the proprietary “C.O.I.N.” system, the ETF-like #BostonCoin has so far avoided all of the scams; an achievement which is the financial equivalent of tap-dancing successfully through a minefield…

Out of 40+ coins held by BostonCoin, we see that only nine are in the red this month, with negatives ranging from 1% down, to a maximum of 12% down for April. Considering that many investors faced a 90% chance of losing everything, the doggedly-determined BostonCoin team are feeling very good.

On the plus side, BostonCoin pricing is stable and secure, and the flagship portfolio holds several coins with huge April returns, such as:

  • Lamden +249%
  • BAT +213%
  • STORM +179%
  • ENIGMA +136%
  • DORADO +128%

Thanks for sticking with us.

*Some data from,, .


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By the numbers

During the predicted tumultuous times of late-December to early April, our little puppy weathered the storms very well. We exited Bitcoin around the $25k peak and prior to its nosedive, buying back in around $10k. The markets dropped a little further still, bottoming out around $7-8k before coming back into the five figure range.

We feel it is better to exit a position a little early, and buy in a little early, rather than trying to jump too late. Some investors bought BTC just before the $25k peak, exited at $9k and failed to get back in until well after the price stabilisation.

Will investors get carried away in excitement during 2018 again, and fail to remember the lessons of the past? Remember that for nine years in a row, BTC has died in December and resurrected in April. You have been told this today, and in previous BostonCoin newsletters, so hopefully the repetition will leave you wiser and safer than the other investors.

Yes, we have made some solid gains in our smaller alt-coin holdings, and held strongly in the larger “traditional” coins such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Do not expect us to be shouting “lambo” or “moon” anytime soon; that’s for the amateurs who get lucky in one coin and then declare themselves to be a #cryptoguru on Facebook…

As you have seen above, with returns of up to 200% on offer, someone could have gotten lucky and put all of their life savings into that one fortunate coin; however, there was a 92% chance that they would have lost everything.

We continue to invest strategically and securely, as per our directive. We are responsible to YOU, so we will not take silly “million to one” or “moon or rekt” chances.

Considering that many coins have posted “bounceback” returns of 30% in the past month, we are anticipating an influx of “cryptogurus”, scams or MLM schemes, such as were rife in 2017 before the crash. Remember that if something has bounced back 30% after dropping 80%, it still has a way to go.

Be sensible. If you see a new cryptoguru popup in your social media feed, check them at least as closely as you would check the credentials of a new doctor or accountant. If they have been around for three months, then quietly excuse yourself and find someone with a three to five year track record. It can be a minefield out there. Play it safe, diversify and Do Your Own Research.

There is a lot of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) in the crypto markets, and many scams persist in this unregulated industry. It is wise to Do Your Own Research (DYOR), ignore what random commentators are saying, invest into asset-backed coins (“stablecoins” or “securecoins”) and use the “C.O.I.N.” profiling system wisely. Remember to share your knowledge, share the #BostonCoin hashtag and spread the love.

See you on the beaches, cryllionaires 🙂

as at April 28

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