Our tight-knit team is made up of individuals from different backgrounds, cultures and countries who use their experience in the financial and corporate worlds to help businesses and investors.

Our team has over 100+ years of collective experience. We take care of your investment, so you can take care of your life.

Meet the people who make Boston Trading Co. such a great investment management firm.

NOTE: *(Note: some team members may choose to remain anonymous on the open web due to potential spam, spoofing or perceived conflict of interest. If you are a legitimate BostonCoin investor and would like further details, please contact us directly. We value your privacy also.)

Jennifer Robertson

Technical Adviser

Corporate lawyer with 20+ years experience in corporate governance, ESG and a specialist in company ethics. Jennifer is the Managing Director of Board Matters and sits on many boards and committees. Author of "The Company Secretary and the Board - Influence, Impact and Integrity". Jennifer is the first female NASDAQ partner and first NASDAQ partner in the SEA region.

In 2017, Jennifer climbed Mount Everest for charity, and relaxes after a hard day of board meetings with meditation and yoga.

Jeremy Britton

Chief Financial Officer

With 25 years of experience in financial planning, entrepreneurship and financial markets, Jeremy is a value investor who loves innovative technology that helps people have a better life.

Award-winning best-selling author of several books on finance and business, Jeremy was one of only four people who warned of the 9/11/2001 market crash, the 2008 GFC and the 2020 pandemic crash; up to two years before they occurred. Aside from reading audited company reports and whitepapers, Jeremy is a keen meditator who enjoys health, "true wealth" and life balance.


Multi-Millionaire Author & Crypto Adviser

Self-made millionaire in business, Bitcoin and crypto; active in cryptocurrency since 2012. Author of several best-selling books on business, investing & cryptocurrency.


Crypto & Blockchain International Expert

Specialist in blockchain technology since 2011. International speaker on crypto; serves on advisory boards of several financial institutions in Europe, USA, Asia & Pacific.


The "Swiss Army Knife"

Fluent in several languages, entrepreneur and technical analyst. A whiz at quantitative data and software code.


The "Veteran"

Financial adviser since the 1980's and crypto investor long before it was cool.