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our mutual funds with your adviser

Over 87% of our investors are new to crypto and choose to invest fiat cash from a bank account.

The majority of our investors are HNW or busy professionals who do not have the time to create and manage their own portfolios

We provide a “done for you” mutual fund service, so you can focus on more important tasks has bank accounts in 60+ countries and multiple currencies, making investing easier for you and your clients. 

NOTE: Investment into digital assets, tokens or cryptocurrencies may be restricted in some countries or jurisdictions. Please ensure you qualify. All investment clients are subject to KYC/AML laws.

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We partner with selected accountants, financial planners, lawyers and other professional agencies. Find out how you can work with us to best serve your clients. 

The Boston Coin (*BOS)

Diversify into a crypto balanced fund for solid growth. The BOS fund has 8+ years track record and is listed on Morningstar

More solutions

You can invest for higher returns with higher volatility (DART), or invest for capital stability with 5% pa, income paid monthly (POLLY)

Please check the minimum investment criteria, terms and conditions before investing. 

We welcome applications from Individuals, Partnerships, Trusts, SMSFs, 401Ks, Roth IRAs and other approved structures.