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Crypto is a marathon, not a sprint

BostonCoin aims to reduce volatility and “take the bite out of Bitcoin and crypto” – how is that working out?

Volatility is a part of the cryptosphere, often because the broad market is mostly a) unregulated and b) uneducated.

Last month we enjoyed some decent recovery, as coins which had previously dropped by 60% and 75%, rebounded by around 30% to 50%. There is still a way to go, but things were looking up.

This month, we had some profit-takers and fear-makers drive the market back down again, lead by the major coins. CNBC analysts were calling it “The Bitcoin Bloodbath”. Other jounalists went with the headline “Crypto Carnage”. Was this accurate?

Yes, Bitcoin and Ethereum dropped 30%, but this is no cause for alarm, so long as you are playing the longer game. Crypto is a marathon, not a sprint.

Those who have previously invested into property or stock markets would be wise to ignore the daily news and focus on the annual trends.

Over the past few years, we have seen Bitcoin drop by 50% to 90% several times, before bouncing back again. Historically, after every drop, the major cryptos have bounced back and exceeded their previous high point.

#BostonCoin @25/5/2018
NAV 54.3599
Price 59.7959

This month we managed to pick some winners, even as the broader market went temporarily south.

  • XYO up 279%
  • TAU up 174%
  • BAT up 153%
  • DOR up 128%

Boston chart may 2018

#BostonCoin distribution and progress chart. Despite the occasional dips, it is still a nice rise.


Boston Trading Co. & bring you a series of informative video interviews with the CEO’s of your favourite ICO’s. Search for #cryllionaire on Youtube or use this link. Our interview with the 100% asset-backed #PropertyCoin team is live now. Please subscribe to the channel to be advised of new videos as they come up.

We are committed to your crypto education. Tell your friends and score cool #BostonCoin promotional gear, as well as good karma.

You can share the posts from Youtube, Twitter or Facebook on your personal wall with one click, or compose your own post and use the hashtag #BostonCoin. Every month we will choose a winner and send you something cool from the #BostonCoin “swag bag” for sharing the love.
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New ICO’s & Coin Profiles:

#PropertyCoin is investing into undervalued residential property, then renovating and reselling for profit (property insiders call this a “flip”). As this coin is asset-backed (most cryptos are not backed by anything in the “real world”), it should enjoy more stable pricing and less volatility.

To understand more about the #propertycoin project, and how they make money, see the interview at this link. We think you will love the idea of making money whilst giving back to local communities.

  • #XYO is one of the few blockchain projects which will impact the majority of people in the real world on a daily basis. With GPS, we already have the ability to track parcels, couriers and Uber drivers; XYO can track anything you can imagine (diamonds, airline luggage, even your lost cat).
  • #TAU (Lamden) is a network of tools which can help developers and business owners to create new blockchains and applications (similar to how WordPress allows anyone to create a website in minutes).
  • #BAT (Basic Attention Token) is a mechanism for paying people to view ads. Many people use ad-blockers to block annoying ads whilst browsing the internet on Google, Facebook or Youtube; most people just ignore them, like TV ads. If you were paid for seeing ads, would your behaviour change?

More CEO interviews and more education next month. Share if you care, and share #BostonCoin if you want to score some cool prizes 🙂

We are also seeking to list on larger exchanges.

Other updates will be coming soon.

Stay informed and stay safe.