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Blast from the past; a Different Perspective

Another blast from the past – A Different Perspective

Look back one year: on July 17 2017 —
the total crypto market cap was US$67,836,500.
One bitcoin was worth around US$2,500.

Then this year: on 17 July 2018 —
the total crypto marketcap was US$270,380,000.
One bitcoin was worth around US$9,000.

This is big: in *both* market capitalisation and in BTC price, that is over 300% growth in a year.

There are not too many company stocks which have done this at all, ever.

If you were not watching the markets every day, or if you’d only ever seen crypto values on those two dates, you would be very happy with your progress.

It is when you watch markets on a daily (or god forbid, hourly) basis, that you accumulate stress.

Investing into crypto or even stocks is a little like property investing. The only two times you really truly know the value of your property is the day you buy it and the day you sell it.

Of course, property values fluctuate on a day to day basis; they really do, it’s just that most people don’t notice. If you don’t have a real-time personal property price tracker, or if you don’t read the weekly or monthly suburb or property profiles, you would not see the fluctuations.

If you could see your property price change every day, like the stock prices or crypto prices, your property life would be stressful as well.

We have suggested many times that “crypto is a marathon, not a sprint”, and it makes more sense to watch the calendar, not the clock.

This is a great personal recommendation for staying cool and calm, and also a great investment recommendation: if you have a good asset, hang in there through the wobbles.

The proof is in the pictures
House prices 1890 to 2006

Back in 2006, the book “Who’s Taking Your Money? (and how to get some of it back!)” predicted the upcoming 2008 GFC and made the claim that property prices would drop dramatically in Australia and the USA.

Back in those halcyon days, when everything was reaching new record highs and property had been climbing steadily for years, these forecasts seemed laughable.

Many laughed, many scoffed, and diehard property pundits said, “Stock market crashes will happen every ten years or so, but property prices never go down…”

The myth that “property prices never crash” was echoed by property investors, and especially, by real estate agents (check your bias).

The facts are, property prices do go down. They always have. Disregarding the warnings of WTYM would have made some people wake up to the realisation of the GFC and up to 30% drop in house values.

“Now for The Good News”

sunrise image
OK, so it’s not 2006 anymore, and a decade later, one would hope that we are wiser. Property prices did indeed crash during the GFC (as did stock markets), but the happy news is…

The good assets always bounce back.

There are some stocks, such as older banks and diversified mining companies (think: 100-year old Westpac, or 100-year old BHP) who have bounced up and down through WW1, the Great Depression, WW2, Korean war, Vietnam war, recessions, hyperinflation and more… yet they still bounce back. Other “one-trick ponies” come and go very quickly, whereas, no matter how much you shake it, the cream always rises to the top.

Bitcoin, the grand-daddy of all cryptos, has been through a tumultuous 2018: it has been a roller-coaster ride (if you have been watching the daily news), but, taking a broader view, we still see a nice long-term gain from July 2017 to July 2018.

Other smaller or younger cryptocurrencies may have come and gone already (and if you’re lucky, you broke even on those who failed to launch).

A Rolls-Royce motorcar does not “break down”; it simply “fails to proceed”…

One of our previously profiled Cryllionaire ICO CEO projects in Europe (Hive) failed to reach its soft cap target, and has returned all monies to early investors. It is disappointing to see that this wonderful sustainability project did not attract more interest, but at least investors are not out of pocket. Kudos to the Hive team for taking the noble path and returning funds to investors. Many projects compensate themselves whilst investors lose.

There are literally hundreds of tales of failed projects, sh!tcoins and #deadcoins where investors have lost all their money.

This is where the “C.O.I.N.” procedure comes in handy: it does not guarantee that you will make a fortune, but it does tend to dramatically minimise losses. In crypto it can seem easy to make 3000% gains, but if you then have a 100% loss, the previous gains are totally meaningless.

We did not make a fortune from Hive, but we also lost nothing. That’s an achievement. Use the C.O.I.N. system. Stay safe.

How did we go this month?

Basic Attention Token 155%
PropertyCoin 114%
BinanceCoin 107%
SnagRide 102%

#BostonCoin July 2018
NAV 48.2605
Price 53.0866

BostonCoin chart July 2018

What else did we pick up?

BostonCoin added a few items to its holdings recently. Among the new tokens are:
SO Pay
(Note: these are not recommendations; just information)

alt coins picture

Cryllionaire Crypto Chat

This month we spoke to the CEO of FireLotto, a smart-contract operated gaming system on the blockchain, who aim to give a noogie to traditional lottery systems.

Standard lotteries only pay out around half of the prize pool to winners; FireLotto pays you 50% more. Many countries will also impose a tax on winnings (eg. US citizens may lose 40% of their prize to the IRS); FireLotto exists outside of government jurisdiction, so you get to keep what you win.

Check out the interview on Youtube here

What else is news?

Boston Tote bag

BostonCoin has approached a number of exchanges to secure a listing, and we have found that “size matters”.

When you have hundreds of millions in market cap, everybody wants a piece of the pie. It can be harder to list on international exchanges when you are seen, not as a big puppy, but as the (cough) underdog. This is why stocks such as BHP or NAB may seem huge multi-billion-dollar whales in Australia, but they are mere minnows compared to the almost Trillion-dollar valuations of Apple and other international companies.

In order to have a successful listing on just one of the “top twenty” exchanges (not mentioning HitBTC), the token holders need to put up around US$500 000 as a listing fee.

This seemingly-paltry half a billion dollars may be relatively easy to front if your token is created from thin air and sold with no asset-backing, as it costs nothing to create more tokens and sell them. It is more of a challenge for an asset-backed token such as #BostonCoin to raise that capital, as it would take between $5M and $10M in underlying assets before we would have free cash for listing fees.

We are currently examining alternative exchanges to the “top twenty” (without going obscure or underground: we do have high standards, after all). We may end up somewhere in the “next twenty”… Whilst all musical artists dream of a Number One hit, we think it’s pretty good to be in the Top Fifty to start with, take a bow, and then work your way up from there.

If you’d like to help the puppy pack

Boston mug

Obviously, it would be great if every single investor in #BostonCoin would invest another lazy million dollars each; that would help us to raise our market capitalisation and our international profile for listing on major exchanges rather than minor ones. But we realise that may not be realistic for all of you.

The easiest way to raise awareness without reaching your hand in your pocket is to tell your friends about #BostonCoin, the first secure, strategic and asset-backed “coin of coins”.

#BostonCoin, the only coin that gives you monthly education about cryptocurrencies, new ICO’s and even teaches you how to invest, safely.

You can tell your friends in person, on the phone, or on social media. Use the hashtag #BostonCoin or #coinofcoins to go into the draw to win cool prizes from our marketing swag bag.

We love to support you with a great product and regular education. Thank you, from us personally, to you personally, for supporting us, as an investor, and as a person who wants to learn more about new crypto projects.

Remember we are here with you, walking paws*itively towards a new world, with new systems for payments, EFTPOS, savings, transactions and loans.

There will be more CEO interviews and more education next month. Tell your friends.

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